Brintons Fine Carpets

It's the little things in life that mean a lot. Seeing the seasons change make you realise just how beautiful the world is. Isn't it time you turned everyday into something special and succumbed to the luxury of a Brintons carpet?

Brintons have been weaving carpets in Kidderminster for over 200 years and they remain a family-owned British company.

From selecting the best raw wool to hand finishing, a Brintons woven carpet is born of over two centuries of experience and the skill of around 2000 people. It marries the latest technology to one of man's oldest and most-favoured materials to create a truly luxurious product. William Brinton began weaving carpets in Kidderminster in 1783, and Michael, the current chairman, is the sixth generation of the family to be involved in the company.

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Brintons Carpets